In Star Wars – A New Hope we see Princess Leia inserting a card into R2-D2’s memory-slot before she sends him to Tatooine. Vader’s men inspect the computers on the Tantive to find the stolen Death Star plans but find nothing, suggesting that the plans were being physically carried. In Rogue One – A Star Wars Story we see how the stolen Death star plans are transferred to a card, this data-card is eventually handed to the princess where she replies with the legendary word “hope”.

This screen accurate replica prop from the data-card is handmade by prop-maker Ray Borggreve of Black Lemon Props. These data cards were only available for visitors of Echo Base Con held on May 27 in Amsterdam, and were limited to 100 copies. This is number 1 of 100 and comes in a custom, one-of-a-kind display with pedestal and a plaque, housed in a transparant display. Prop and display will be offered in a nice gift box where the legandary word “Hope” is written in Aurebesh

Card: laser-cut polystyrene, covered with white vinyl printed in black and gold-look foil.
Holder: printed in black UV resin.

This item is part of the auction organised by Echo Base Charity Con and has been kindly donated by Ray Borggreve of Black Lemon Props. The full proceeds of this auction will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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